Things I've Seen

This shows the decay on the top of an overhead garage door that did not have flashing installed when the garage was built.

Here is a good example of frost lift. This problem exist when the footing were not installed below the frost line.

This alteration of the engineered floor hoist for the plumbing is not acceptable and must be repaired according to the manufacture of the joist.

On this added deck failure to install flashing behind the siding and over the header joist will allow water to enter and decay will follow. The header should be bolted to the house and joist hangers should have been installed under the deck joist.

This cinder block has little support ability with the block on its side. The cinder block also needs to be setting on a concrete footing. The size of the footing is dependent on building codes.

The vent from the furnace came apart and is discharging carbon monoxide into the home.

This fire was not disclosed in the condition statement by the seller. The extensive damage here to the structural system of the building will have to be repaired by a licensed contractor. Most of the material will have to be replaced and inspected again.

The electrical panel in this basement does not have safe clearances. The clearance for the electrical panel should be 30 inches wide but does not have to be centered in that 30 inches and 36 inches in front of the electrical panel unobstructed. In this case the panel or the double sink will have to be relocated.

This is one of the finer examples of mold I found in this basement. This area of mold will have to be cut out and replaced with new dry wall material. The home was afterwards inspected be an environmental company and all areas containing mold was removed and inspected again.