Let an ASHI Home Inspector Perform Your Home Inspection
The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), founded in 1976, is North America’s oldest and largest professional society of home inspectors. ASHI’s goals have always been to build customer awareness of the importance of a quality home inspection and enhance the professionalism of home inspectors.

Whether you’re a homebuyer, seller, real estate professional or home inspector, you’ll recognize the value in working with ASHI and any of our certified home inspectors across the United States and Canada. ASHI home inspectors stand out as models of professionalism and superior customer service.

Only an ASHI Home Inspector Can Deliver The ASHI Experience
The ASHI Experience is the ASHI Inspector’s promise to deliver the most technically superior home inspections that money can buy, delivered in a manner that is educational, service-oriented and focused on you having an experience you will rave about. is the definitive resource for inspectors, home buyers and sellers, real estate professionals and the media for everything having to do with the home inspection profession Certified members of the American Society of Home Inspectors, are independent professional home inspectors who have met the most rigorous technical and experience requirements in effect today. To become an ASHI Member, an inspector must pass two written technical exams, have performed a minimum of 250 professional fee-paid home inspections, and maintained his or her candidate status for no less than six months. ASHI Members are required to follow the Society’s Code of Ethics, and to obtain continuing education credits in order to keep current with the latest in building technology, materials, and professional skills.
When you have found an ASHI® inspector, interview the inspector. Call them and ask about what kind of experience they have for inspecting your new home. Ask the inspector about their expertise relating to the home construction business.

Don’t be timid – you have the right to know all you can about the inspector inspecting your new home. Ask about his or her background in electrical, plumbing, heating, home construction methods, roofing, water systems, drain systems, air conditioners etc.

A Professional Home Inspection by Assured Home Inspections Assures Safety First, Comfort or Maintenance and Structural Integrity Second and Esthetics Last.

Wisconsin Certification
Under Wisconsin’s law, home inspectors must register with the State and pass an examination approved by the Department of Regulation and Licensing. The law instructs the Department to consider the use of an examination modeled after ASHI’s examination. The law also requires that a home inspector perform a “reasonably competent and diligent” inspection; however, the inspection is not required to be technically exhaustive. Home inspectors are prohibited from limiting their liability from damages resulting in a failure to conduct a “reasonably competent and diligent” inspection. Also, inspectors are prohibited from performing repairs, maintenance, or improvements to a structure that they have inspected within the last two years.

Minnesota is at present without any state regulations or licensing. Let the buyer beware! Anybody can call themselves a home inspector in Minnesota. Minnesota inspectors cannot inspect in Wisconsin unless licensed in Wisconsin without penalty of law. Wouldn’t you want your home inspector to be tested and certified?

Licensed Home Inspector in Wisconsin

Certified by Minnesota Department of Commerce

Member, Wisconsin Chapter, ASHI

Member, Heartland Chapter, ASHI